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Inspections & Site Work require the Building Inspector to be out of the office.



Calling ahead to schedule an appointment is encouraged.


The Town of Cambria Building Inspector is also the Code Enforcement Officer.  He is charged by the Town Board to enforce federal, state and municipal regulations to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our ciitzens.


Prior to starting ANY projects around your home or property, you are advised to check with the Building Inspector to determine what permits or procedures, if any, are required.  If your project requires an appearance before the Planning or Zoning Board, applications must be obtained from the Building Inspector and submitted to our office by the last day of the month to be placed on the next month's agenda.

Building Permits and the Town's Zoning Law


NOTE: Building permit fees can be obtained by contacting the building department, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.   For other issues (special permits, variances, sub-divisions) charges are based upon the complexity of the project and include consulting engineer costs, advertising fees, etc.

Abbreviated Requirements for Building


A Building Permit is required for any permanent structure (permanent is not defined, more than six months seems reasonable).  Before a Building Permit is issued, the following is required:





a.       Septic system design approval from the Niagara County Health Department or if being served by a sewer, approval of the Sewer Department.

b.       A plot plan showing the location of the building on the property with dimensions to property lines.  If the final grade at the front wall of the building will be less than one foot above the center line of the street at the mid-point of the front of the building a grading plan showing drainage away from the building for a minimum of fifteen feet at the front and six feet at the sides and rear of the structure must be included.

c.       One set of building plans with a "wet" stamp by an architect or professional engineer licensed by the State of New York, which indicates that the building meets or exceeds the requirements of the New York State Building and Energy Codes.

d.       Applications for water service and driveway permits must be made (these can usually be made at the same time as obtaining the building permit).





a.       A plot plan showing property lines and the location of any existing buildings and private underground facilities and the proposed location of the building or structure covered by the permit is required.

b.       Construction drawings of the proposed structure, indicating the type and dimensions of material to be used in the construction, in sufficient detail that a determination can be made whether or not the Building Codes are being met must be submitted.





a.       Lot size in the A-R District and R-1 District not served by sewer:

                                                               i.      For a single family in the Cambria Sewer District, 125' x 200'

                                                             ii.      For a two family in the Cambria Sewer District, 200' x 200'

                                                            iii.      For a single family in the Escarpment District or north of the Cambria Sewer District, 150' x 200'

                                                            iv.      For a two family in the Escarpment District or north of the Cambria Sewer District, 250' x 200'


b.       Lot size in the R-1 District served by sewer:

                                                               i.      For a single family, 100' x 150'

                                                             ii.      For a two family, 200' x 150'


c.       Maximum setback for all residences is 125' from the front property line





a.       Residences in A-R District and R-1 District not served by sewer

                                                               i.      From front line, 60'

                                                             ii.      Single family from side line, 15'

                                                            iii.      Two family from the side line, total side yards of 40' with a minimum of 15'

                                                            iv.      For each semi-detached dwelling there shall be a side yard of at least 20'

                                                              v.      From the rear line, not less than 30'


b.       Residences in the R-1 District with sewers

                                                               i.      From the front line, 60'

                                                             ii.      For single family, two family and semi-detached dwellings the side yards shall be a minimum of 15'

                                                            iii.      From the rear line, 25'


c.       Buildings other than residences in the A-R and R-1 Districts without sewers

                                                               i.      A detached garage shall be no closer to the road than the front main wall of the house with a minimum of 60' or closer to the side or rear property lines than 15'

                                                             ii.      Any building or structure other than a residence, detached garage, or farm building is classified as an accessory building and shall be no closer to the road than the main rear wall of the principal dwelling or closer to the side or rear lines than 15' and must be a minimum of 25' from the dwelling.  The maximum size of a detached garage is 720 square feet.

                                                            iii.      Buildings used for active farm operations which are 150 square feet or larger must be a minimum of 100’ from any property line and at least 25' from the principal dwelling


d.       Buildings other than residences in the R-1 District with sewers

                                                               i.      Detached garages shall be a minimum of 10' from the side and rear property lines with an additional foot for each foot that the height exceeds 15' and no closer to the street than the front of residence

                                                             ii.      Accessory buildings shall be no closer to the street than the main rear wall of the house with the same side, height, and back restrictions as apply to a detached garage


                  e.   One garage is allowed for each living unit, which can be either attached or detached


                  f.    One Accessory Building is allowed for each living unit and is limited in size to that of the first floor living area


g.       A driveway turn-around space must be provided to avoid backing into the street





a.       Areas other than the Escarpment District, per dwelling unit

                                                               i.      Single story 1000 square feet

                                                             ii.      Two story 750 square feet per story

                                                            iii.      A frame 1000 square feet (measured 7'-6" above floor)

                                                            iv.      One and one half story or any other type 1200 square feet

b.       In the Escarpment District

                                                               i.      Any type construction 1800 square feet

                   c.  Multi-family Units, where allowed, 1000 square feet per unit





One story, 720 square feet with a maximum door height of 10 feet, (note: if the property is not a farm and has an existing garage, either attached or detached, any additional building will be considered an accessory building).



7.            CORNER LOTS


In the case of corner lots, the minimum setbacks from the front property lines apply to both roads.  

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