Housing Authority

To contact the Cambria Housing Authority, write to this address: 5835 Unicorn Dr. Sanborn, NY  14132, and your message will be delivered to the correct party.  Thank you.  

Karen Heffler, Chairman

The Town of Cambria Housing Authority oversees three properties in the town: Unicorn Apartments, Fairview Village, Northway and Southway Drives.

Unicorn Apartments are located at 5835 Unicorn Drive, Sanborn, New York. It is an income-based facility for Senior Citizens (over 60) or those with a permanent disability. Northway Drive, Southway Drive and Fairview Village are locations where individuals over 55 years of age may purchase homes.

The Housing Authority meets on the third Thursday of each month, at 1:30 PM in the Cambria Town Hall.

Board Members

Karen J. Heffler, Chair 731-9794
Rae Ann Amacher 731-5277
Richard Eliseo 433-4435
Patricia Shepherd, Vice Chair 731-3840
Michael Sieczkowski 438-5178

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