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Please note:  The Community Room will not be available for rent

from June 19th through August 7th. 

Residents of the Town of Cambria are fortunate to have available for their use an attractive Community Room facility, which is adjacent to the Town Hall.

Use of the room is restricted to residents of the Town of Cambria and civic or non-profit organizations to which they belong. Private fund raising activities are not authorized on the Town of Cambria municipal property. It would be improper to allow certain groups to conduct such events, while denying others the privilege.  Rather than to attempt selection of such groups, it is declared that none shall be permitted to conduct fund raising on Town property, and particularly at or within the Town’s community center.

Subject to availability, such individuals or organizations shall be permitted use of the facility and shall conform to established regulations for conduct. A fee of $75, as set by the Town Board, is required to be paid at time of application.

Arrangements to schedule use of the facility may be made through the Town Clerk’s office.






  1. Use of the Community Room is coordinated through the Town Clerk, with concurrence of the Town Board.  The Town Board reserves the right to refuse use of the building to any group.


  2. Keys to the Community Room are signed out from the Town Clerk.


  3. The use of tacks, push pins, staples or any other adhesive is not permitted for use on the walls of the Community Room.


  4. No smoking is permitted in the building.


  5. No alcoholic beverages whatsoever are permitted on the premises of Town of Cambria property.


  6.   The capacity of the room is not to exceed 75 persons.


  7. Vehicles are to be parked in designated parking lot only, as per Town Ordinance.


  8. The room must be left as found (tables and chairs set up or taken down).  Tables and chairs should be lifted and carried, not dragged across the floor. 


  9. All “spills” (coffee, pop, etc.) to be cleaned thoroughly.  Entire room must be swept and damp mopped following use.  Brooms, dustpans, mops, buckets, etc., are in the closet next to the kitchen.  The bathrooms must be cleaned thoroughly, as well.  


  10. All debris must be picked up and disposed of properly, and all garbage receptacles emptied.  The user of the Community Room is responsible for taking the garbage with them upon leaving the building.


  11. The kitchen appliances may only be used to keep food warm or cold, not for actual food preparation.  Any food spills in or on the stove or refrigerator must be cleaned properly.  The sink and strainer must be cleaned, as well.


  12. Supplies for cleaning the kitchen are provided.  All other items necessary for your use of the facility (plates, napkins, glasses, coffee, tea, food, etc.) must be brought in and removed entirely after use of the facility.


  13. Minors are not permitted to use the facility unless under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.


  14. The telephone is for emergency use only.


  15. Lock all doors and windows at the close of the event.  Clean fingerprints off glass entrance doors when necessary.


  16. Immediately following the event, or no later than the next working day, return the key.  Key may be dropped in the night deposit box outside the Town Hall entrance.  The Community Room will then be inspected for any damage and for compliance with Rules/Guidelines, etc.


  17. For any problems with the mechanical elements of the room that need immediate attention, phone Jon MacSwan at 570-2479. All other problems should be reported to the Town within 24 hours.



photo courtesy of L. Schlemmer



Click on these links to open the Community Room Application, the Departure Checklist, and theGazebo Use form (if applicable) in Adobe Acrobat format.  The checklist is to be completed and returned after your event. 


Print and mail the application along with a check or money order in the amount of $75, payable to the Town of Cambria, to the following address.

Cambria Town Clerk

4160 Upper Mountain Rd
Sanborn, NY 14132-9416

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader click Get Adobe Acrobat Reader - click here to download for a free download.


Arrangement for key pick-up should be made with the Town Clerk. Key may be picked up on the day of the event or on the Friday prior to a weekend event. Return key and Departure Checklist in the Night Depository Box. 




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