Assessor: Debra A. Littere
Clerk Melinda S. Olick
Telephone: 716-433-8161 extension 122
 Fax: 716-433-7164


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Your tax bill is made up of several different elements and this office is responsible for one of those: the assessing function. This function forms the basis of the distribution of taxes. It is not involved with school, town or county budgets or setting tax rates.

We are responsible for the listing and assigning of assessed values to every property in the town. This office monitors all sales and analyzes the local real estate market, supply and demand, economic situations and other influences that affect property values. We maintain current ownership records, sales information as well as property characteristics. These characteristics, in combination with analysis of the real estate market are used to determine market value and in turn form the basis for the assessed value of the property. Our goal is to establish value in a fair and equitable manner and every effort is made to do so.

Key dates that affect the assessment process:

Valuation date – July 1

Taxable status date – March 1

*Exemption deadline – March 1

Tentative roll filed – May 1

Grievance day – 4th Tuesday in May

Final roll filed – July 1

It is also the responsibility of this office to process exemptions.

*All exemptions must be filed in our office by March 1.




There are numerous exemptions available to property owners including:

** NEW as of MAY 2016 **   If you filed your STAR exemption after 3/1/2015 - you MUST register by July 1st  with the STATE to receive a check

STAR   Application

1. Basic - all property owners who reside in their home - Income limit of $500,000

2. Enhanced - age 65 and over by 12/31/2017, reside in their home and make less than $86,000  for the 2016 income tax year.

**Removal of STAR for Property Owners That Have State Tax Liablilites**

Beginning with the 2013 school levies, property owners that have significant state tax liablities will be denied the STAR exemption.   The Department of Taxation and Finance (DTF) will be responsible for identifying the property owners and impacted parcels.  DTF will communicate with property owners and give them an opportunity to resolve the issue.  If they do not, DTF will notify the assessors of the parcels that are no longer eligible for the STAR exemption.  The assessor will be responsible for removing the exemption from the assessment roll.


Own and live in home

Over 65 and income under $28,499 for town and county

School districts income limits vary


Available for service during certain times


Notice of Award from Social Security Administration

County - income under $23,425

Town - income under $27,500

School Districts income limits vary


7 acres of land or more farmed with $10,000 per year income from the farming for the last two years


And there are many others. Again, feel free to call the office for more information. To download forms for       Board of Assessment Review and for more information on the Internet:

Scholarship Application 

Change of address form.

Contesting your Assessment

IMPORTANT - If you plan to come to the Board of Assessment Review - Please see our fact sheet


To view the 2017 Tentative Assessment Roll online :
 In the bottom left corner click on Final Assement Roll, once in there, find Town of Cambria.


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